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Welcome to SheSapiens, a community and a movement.

We aim to inform, educate and empower ALL women; never shame nor exclude.
‘Sapiens’: to make meaning of the potential consequences of an action. // one who knows. // wise.
#WeAreSheSapiens, are you?
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Are You a Relationship Perfectionist?

Perfectionism is linked to mental health issues, burnout, and stress, and relationship perfectionism can be equally damaging. But what is relationship perfectionism? Learn why perfectionism happens in relationships and how to let go of perfect relationship ideals.
Brie Schmidt

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How to look after your mental health as an activist

From the climate crisis, to the pandemic and criminalisation of protest – 2021 has been a difficult year. The winter months are a good time to reflect on how activism affects our mental health, and what practices we should engage in to make our journey as campaigners more sustainable.
Jessica Kleczka

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4 Reasons Why Indian Arranged Marriages Should Be Banned

After a devastating breakup, many people tend to have a rebound relationship. In India, people have rebound marriages instead – also known as arranged marriages. Just to be clear, that’s not always the case; I was only being snarky because it’s true.
Mahevash Shaikh

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In the last year, I have experienced one of the most inclusive and supportive communities of my life, centered around sharing from our own abundance and freely gifting and receiving what was around us. It has completely shifted my attachment to stuff, material wealth, and most status symbols.


From the climate crisis, to the pandemic and criminalisation of protest – 2021 has been a difficult year. The winter months are a good time to reflect on how activism affects our mental health, and what practices we should engage in to make our journey as campaigners more sustainable.


When lockdown hit, the world went local, our worlds shrunk and we started realising the beauty of our local landscapes. Through connecting satellite data with local terrain, we explored new ways of highlighting the beauty of the natural world around us to form unique terrain map art!


A diagnosis of a degenerative neurological condition like multiple sclerosis can leave someone feeling scared, depressed and helpless. But there are things you can do to regain control, and a plant-based diet is one way to find hope.


Since the Glasgow Climate Pact was signed, media portrayals of COP26 have been polarised between framings of success and failure. But in order to sustain and increase political pressure, we must move away from binary thinking and bring more nuance into our communication.


A pause from sustainability. This is an insightful and personal story about what I felt when I turned 30. Was it easy? No. Was it crazy? Yes. Am I thinking about things that I’ve never though I would’ve thought before? Yes, yes, yes.



Black sticky rice (or black glutinous rice) is commonly used in Southeast Asian desserts. It’s a naturally sweet, dark colored rice which is actually dark purple more than black. It contains both loads of fiber and antioxidants, both of which are health promoting.


These plant-based dumplings are filled with fresh veggies, super easy to make and no oil required! You can add any ingredient to the filling – think tofu and noodles. If you don’t have an air-fryer you can dry fry them in a non-stick frying pan on medium heat. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce.


Blueberries are not only delicious but they are full of antioxidants and improve memory! They are the hero in these baked donuts which are super easy to make. With the texture of a moist muffin, you wouldn’t know they were dairy, egg, gluten, oil and refined sugar-free.

More effort

This rich and creamy curry not only tastes delicious but is good for your health. It is made from whole plant foods, low in fat and super easy to make. The green jackfruit has a meaty texture, takes on the flavours of the warming spices and will leave you feeling satisfied and satiated.


A plant-based dessert that everyone will love, including the kids. This chocolate mousse is super easy to make and totally delicious, served with a vanilla cashew cream. It’s also packed full of nutrition and is low in saturated fat so great for our health.

Ethical Brands


On the Grid -

Topographical map art



Sustainable period pants


Kalmabio -

Cosmetics Marketplace


Edamama -

Pasta made from beans


Fitplanet -

Sustainable Sport Clothes


Perfino -

Natural Scent Jewelery

Travel Destinations


Brithdir Mawr Eco-Camping

Brithdir Mawr Wild and Eco Camping is a quiet site in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, at the foot of Carningli, two miles from the sea and about five minutes’ drive from Newport. Stays here are in a designated field that’s part of a well-established eco community set up in 1994 on an 80-acre restored farm. The whole place is off-grid for electricity and uses water from mountain springs; recycling even stretches to toilet waste, which is composted to feed the site’s fruit trees.


Findhorn Ecovillage

Come to the iconic Findhorn Spiritual Community and enjoy a personal self-styled retreat by yourself or with your family and friends* while soaking up the energy of this sacred land and transformational field. Findhorn’s principles of inner listening, co-creation with nature and work as love in action have inspired countless authors, activists, change-makers, spiritual teachers and leaders including Robert Holden, Caroline Myss, Charles Eisenstein, Joanna Macy and countless more.


Villa Epicurea

A private eco-friendly lodge with breathtaking ocean views. Located in a stunningly beautiful site immersed in the evergreen landscape of Serra da Arrábida Natural Park in Portugal. In order to offer their guests a holistic experience, all the food served is organic and bought from local farmers (vegan-friendly). Their amenities are also homemade and organic, as well as their bed linen. Their eco-friendly pool embodies the mission of combining modern technology and a sustainable way of living.


ONA by Claire Vallée

ONA is the first vegan restaurant to receive a Michelin star. Located in Arès France, the name stands for Origin Non-Animale (Non-Animal Origin) because the restaurant uses no animal products in its food, decorations or furnishings. ONA was opened in 2016 by Claire Vallée, a self-taught chef, and offers a seven-course tasting menu. ONA aims to be a place of life where respect for people, nature and animals is at the center of all concerns.


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