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We promote the empowerment and emancipation of women for gender equality.

Empowerment is instrumental in the emancipation and eradication of the power structures that oppress the female population today. Collective as well as individual empowerment is necessary in order for social transformation to successfully occur.


Inspire a positive change in society, supporting like-minded organizations and individuals, through empowering women worldwide


Facilitate the process of empowerment and emancipation of women so that they can mobilize themselves toward building a better world.


Be of assistance and guide women through various processes of self-knowledge and understanding to foster individual and collective empowerment. 

Values and principles that drive us

Lifelong learning is key to our happiness. We give women the opportunity to learn from one another through empowering one another, sharing knowledge, broadening horizons and possibilities, and continuing to grow as informed individuals.
Every day our world becomes increasingly more complex and difficult to navigate. We like to cut to the chase, that’s why a priority of ours is to simplify and be concise so that our content can reach the largest audience possible.
We celebrate diversity and its enrichment of the human experience. Tolerance and respect for others, regardless of differences, are a fundamental part of life in today’s society. Therefore, we reject any kind of discrimination on our site.
Shared circumstances create a strong bond and a sense of togetherness. As a collective our desires are powerful enough to increase empathy and build social support among our digital community, inspiring a global movement toward trust and kindness.
We are committed to making true incremental change and making the biggest possible impact. Our goal is to equip women with the information, training, guidance, and support critical to making a difference in today’s society.
Societal norms have inherently presented obstacles and kept women from advancing and obtaining leadership roles in our society. We advocate for a gender-equal future, equal opportunities, and justice against assault and harassment.
Our world is facing alarming economic, social, and environmental issues. We believe that we can create a more sustainable world by raising awareness among individuals and working in conjunction with activist groups, governments, and organizations.
We are sensitive to the fact that animals are defenseless against the human race. We take human and animal rights very seriously, that’s why we want to spread the belief that no being should ever be subject to abuse and suffer unnecessarily.

Why only women?

The world as a whole doesn’t provide women and men an equal share of prosperity or opportunities. Women’s access to decent work, pay and positions of power and influence remains elusive.

Almost all men aged 25 to 54 are engaged in the labour force (93%), whether working or looking for work; whereas women of the same age, who often juggle caring for dependents with providing financially for their families, have much lower participation rates (62%). When women are in the world of work, they are paid less (16% less on average) and occupy only a quarter of management positions across sectors.

Women’s share of parliamentary seats is much higher today – at 25%, as opposed to 11% in 1995 – but progress will remain slow-moving unless biases against women change in a big way. Based on the latest available data, a large share of women and men (43 and 53%, respectively) still believe that men make better political leaders than women.

While there are many proposed cures to poverty it is really difficult to find one that actually works. But one of the only know cures to poverty is right in front of our eyes: gender equality. Only when women have the social and legal liberty worldwide to join the workforce and feel safe, respected, and valued at their workplace, their economic condition will greatly improve, and that ultimately will contribute a great deal to solving poverty.

More needs to be done to support women’s ability to work – and, when a woman is working, to ensure that she earns as much as her male counterpart.

How we work to achieve change

We promote women’s self-knowledge, essential for the recovery of self-esteem, for growth in emotional maturity and emotional autonomy;
We promote women’s political and financial literacy and understanding, as well as to expand their range of knowledge and skills in these fields;
We promote women’s development of a critical vision of their social, cultural, political, and economic context, thus expanding their perspectives and sense of social responsibility;
We promote gender symmetrical social relations in all contexts of women’s lives;
We prevent and combat discrimination and gender violence;
We encourage participation and mobilization in favor of and for the good of the collective;
We promote the reduction of our ecological footprint by encouraging change in our consumption of goods and resources; to reuse, repair, recycle, share, borrow and reduce waste;
We promote the rights of all human beings, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, financial capacity, nationality, ethnicity, age, etc;
We foster compassion and respect for animals and nature.

We always

We never

We recognize the importance and urgency of revolutionary change. Therefore, we are aligned with the United Nations’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that define global priorities and aspirations for Sustainable Development between now and 2030.

Our primary focuses are:

Climate change is the most important race against the clock humanity has ever faced.

Most of its devastating consequences on our planet and human lives will be irreversible if we don’t act now. Trees play a key role in our ecosystems, and cutting them has devastating effects. Deforestation not only affects our flora and fauna, it affects humans alike.

Fortunately we can change this together!

We want to set an example as a Socially and Environmentally Responsible Corporation. Therefore we use Green Web Hosting that mitigates its environmental impact and we also collaborate with and plant a tree every 100 new followers, subscribers or members.


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