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A diagnosis of a degenerative neurological condition like multiple sclerosis can leave someone feeling scared, depressed and helpless. But there are things you can do to regain control, and a plant-based diet is one way to find hope. ..
Since the Glasgow Climate Pact was signed, media portrayals of COP26 have been polarised between framings of success and failure. But in order to sustain and increase political pressure, we must move away from binary thinking and bring more nuance into our communication…
A pause from sustainability. This is an insightful and personal story about what I felt when I turned 30. Was it easy? No. Was it crazy? Yes. Am I thinking about things that I’ve never though I would’ve thought before? Yes, yes, yes…
We are all becoming much more aware of the consequences of climate change than we were two years ago, we are living it. However, there is reason to hope! COP26, a new ambition COP aims to accelerate ambitious targets through collaboration to decarbonise society…
Have you stopped to think about how sustainability applies to your daily life or your favorite activities like traveling? In this article, we will explore the bidirectional relationships (visitor, community, surroundings) that a sustainable traveler looks after and promote for a mutual benefits goal…
A low-impact eco-community near the picturesque coast of Pembrokeshire in South Wales. It uses renewable energy, grows its own food and lives in harmony with nature according to permaculture principles. Learn more about the history of this fascinating community, their present-day work and uncertain future…
Human-induced climate change is real. The Earth is warming at an alarming rate and we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions dramatically. One of the most impactful changes we can all make to save our planet is to switch to a plant-based diet…
Media images and cultural stereotypes about single women are often negative, portraying single women as being lonely and depressed. But there are several perks to being a single woman. Use these tips to start embracing singlehood and living your best life without a relationship…
Palm Oil is not bad per se, but its rapid expansion and overproduction made it a major driver of deforestation of some of the world’s most biodiverse forests. In this article, you will learn more about the most widely consumed vegetable oil on the planet…
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