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We are a humble community of women with a huge ambition.

We advocate for women’s education and health and believe that immediate action is needed. Join us and our positive impact will be more powerful!

We are looking for mindful women to create high-quality content and become effective agents in positive social and environmental change.

The role of these women is to create content sharing their ideas, unique perspectives, varied voices, and smart thinking.

Applicants must be dedicated, well-balanced and forward thinking women who inspire others and contribute to a global positive change in society.

In addition, they must meet the following requirements:

If you are interested in applying, send us a motivational letter (200 – 500 words) or record a video introducing yourself (1 – 2 minutes). Tell us who you are! What are your interests, the values you identify with, which topics you would potentially talk about, and why you want to join SheSapiens.

SheSapiens is an inclusive platform. We encourage ALL women to apply.

Apply as a candidate
Receive further details
Welcome chat
Receive your credentials

Choose the role that best suits you

Limited to 1 per Country
Ambassadors share ideas, perspectives, and experiences that could be of interest to others; linking those concepts to the society they lived or live in, and giving our international audience a global idea about life and society in their home country.
  • Minimum of 1,000 followers on your media platforms
  • Regular monthly contributions
  • Paid opportunity*
Limited to 1 per Expertise
Experts share their wisdom, extensive knowledge, and in-depth experience about their field of expertise; they enrich our audience's understanding of a topic in a way that is easy to comprehend and encourages one to take positive action.
  • Minimum of 1,000 followers on your media platforms
  • Regular monthly contributions
  • Paid opportunity*
Unlimited spots
Guests share stories, insights, or essays that provoke forward-thinking or meaningful advice. Through their posts they aim to expand their reach to new audiences; informing, educating, or empowering others to improve their lives and society.
  • No minimum number of followers required
  • Single non-regular contributions
  • Unpaid opportunity

Frequent Asked Questions

A Community Member can be anyone! You just have to register and enjoy all the FREE extra features available within the platform πŸ™‚ and don’t forget to also join our community chat on Discord!

Contributors are those women who create the content published at SheSapiens. To become a Contributor you must go through a process of selection, and you can pick among the following roles: Ambassador, Expert or Guest.

Long story short: prepare to connect with an incredible group of women worldwide!Β 

After registration you will be automatically logged in and will have access to FREE extra features:

  • Comment and review publications
  • Save to your favorites
  • Access our Community Chat on Discord
  • Access our private Zoom Events in 2022
  • Access our Content Creation eBook
  • + more to come!

SheSapiens will credit you as the author of all of your publications, forever. Links to your digital platforms will always be provided so that viewers can easily find you. And of course, you are free to collaborate with other organizations and continue to manage your digital platforms as usual.

SheSapiens contributors help and promote one another. Being part of a group is important but we also want to see you succeed and enhance your individuality.

*Contributors that publish on a regular monthly basis receive a monetary compensation for their posts. The amount received varies depending on the frequency of submissions and the number of times their posts are viewed.

You will receive a monetary compensation according to the number of unique pageviewsΒ that your posts generate. In order to maintain post engagement and incrementally reward long-term collaborators, each new monthly published post will increase in compensation.

SheSapiens contributors are free to post about a wide range of topics. We ask for inspiring and high-quality content: fresh ideas, unique perspectives, varied voices, and smart thinking.

The intention of content should be to inform, educate and empower women to improve their lives and society.

Yes, you are allowed to include one affiliate link in each of your publications as long as it is clearly noted.

If you have received payment, goods, services, or something else of value in exchange for making a post or mentioning a brand you must always clearly disclose this fact.

Long story short: regular contributors are asked to submit 1 post per month.Β The content they submit must be original, non-plagiarized, and never before published.

All content (writing, images, audio, and videos) must be their property or must be used with permission or citation. Once published on our website, they will then be able to share the link and use excerpts for self-promotion.

You will receive a 2 page Editorial Guidelines that are very easy to follow.

When you log into your contributor profile area you will also find video tutorials and find everything you need to know related to post submissions clearly noted when submitting your posts.Β 

The minimum required text length for each publication is 600 words. As long as the content is valuable and relevant the length of the posts can vary.

The recommended length for articles is 750-1500 words. The recommended length for videos is 8-12 minutes.

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