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Media images and cultural stereotypes about single women are often negative, portraying single women as being lonely and depressed. But there are several perks to being a single woman. Use these tips to start embracing singlehood and living your best life without a relationship.


Is it time to let them go? Ending a relationship can be extremely difficult, but continuing a bad one is even more difficult. Look for these 5 signs in your relationship or friendship to decide if it’s time to let go.


Perfectionism is linked to mental health issues, burnout, and stress, and relationship perfectionism can be equally damaging. But what is relationship perfectionism? Learn why perfectionism happens in relationships and how to let go of perfect relationship ideals.


Relationships and dating can be hard, especially when you can’t seem to find quality matches who bring out your best self. Finding a partner who honors what is meaningful to you is key. Use this quick and easy tip to help you get closer to your ideal match – and to your ideal self.

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