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What I love about my polyamorous lifestyle is that I can really experience a depth of love and connection. I have surrounded myself with love and I do not need to limit myself in the number of love or even sexual connections that I make.


Media images and cultural stereotypes about single women are often negative, portraying single women as being lonely and depressed. But there are several perks to being a single woman. Use these tips to start embracing singlehood and living your best life without a relationship.


Making friends as an introvert can be a challenge, but there are ways to turn your introversion into an asset. From an introverted relationship educator, learn five tips to make friends as an introvert with ease.


Is it time to let them go? Ending a relationship can be extremely difficult, but continuing a bad one is even more difficult. Look for these 5 signs in your relationship or friendship to decide if it’s time to let go.


Perfectionism is linked to mental health issues, burnout, and stress, and relationship perfectionism can be equally damaging. But what is relationship perfectionism? Learn why perfectionism happens in relationships and how to let go of perfect relationship ideals.


Talking about mental health can feel uncomfortable. But discussing your own mental health struggles and experiences can help improve connection and cooperation in relationships. Use these 6 steps to start talking about mental health with a partner, friend, or loved one now.


Humans function through relationships and feelings. If our relationships and feelings are not ok we just can’t “function”. So today, I will share with you an experience that changed the way I see education and the way I teach.


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