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Media images and cultural stereotypes about single women are often negative, portraying single women as being lonely and depressed. But there are several perks to being a single woman. Use these tips to start embracing singlehood and living your best life without a relationship.


Spending time outdoors has been scientifically proven to benefit our wellbeing. I had the pleasure of speaking to Karolina from London Wildlife Trust. In our interview, she speaks about the importance of socialising in outdoor settings and the effects of this on mental health.


Talking about mental health can feel uncomfortable. But discussing your own mental health struggles and experiences can help improve connection and cooperation in relationships. Use these 6 steps to start talking about mental health with a partner, friend, or loved one now.


With the rise of the self-help industry and the New Age movement, spiritual bypassing has become a common phenomenon, and unfortunately it can negatively impact supporters who follow certain ideas fanatically. Here’s a set of beliefs the self-help industry has been selling to all of us for years.


A bad nights sleep is something we have all experienced and extended periods of poor sleep can play havoc with our lives, negatively impacting on our physical and mental health. Sleep hygiene is a great starting point and ensures that we are taking responsibility for our own wellbeing.


What do you do when life throws you curveballs? Do you get annoyed? Frustrated? I do. It’s only natural to feel like that. But let me tell you what I do next, and what gets me out unhappy place and to a brighter and more optimistic one.


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