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“I believe in a conscious lifestyle focused on physical, mental, financial and spiritual well-being. SheSapiens was created to help other women reach their full potential, find a purpose in life and adopt habits that allow them to live longer and happier lives.

After almost 10 years working as a professional ballet dancer, I got used to work in a very competitive environment among women. Female rivalry hurts us. Any actions where we compete and undermine each other is never a positive thing. These types of behaviors are often driven by insecurity, where we don’t believe in our own abilities to get us ahead. So then we compete because we see others as a potential threat to our own success. Women should be able to share their accomplishments with each other and encourage other women to succeed and really embrace each other’s capabilities.

I believe in the union of women, offering each other support, promoting kindness and confidence so that we all feel empowered to go after our dreams and create a better world.”

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—Julia Muxinach

Evolution is collaboration, not competition.

Team members

Team members
SheSapiens Founder
Former professional ballet dancer. Website designer and freelancer in digital marketing since 2019. She is vegetarian, loves to travel and read non-fiction. Julia believes SheSapiens is the platform that women need to help and empower each other – a place to join forces to positively impact individual lives and improve society as a whole.
Elizabeth Cohen
Chief Editor and Copywriter
Producer, director, and performing artist, Elizabeth is originally from Chicago, and since 2018 has been based in Barcelona. As chief editor, she applies SEO, copywriting, and storytelling techniques to accurately express the SheSapiens identity in writing. She loves to travel, learn, and follow a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle.
Team members
Beatriz Martinez
Editorial and Brand Designer
Artist, PhD in design and communication, and exhibition curator. She is dedicated to editorial, brand and communication design. She enjoys creating, looking for a way to solve problems and giving shape to abstract ideas. She combines design and art with scientific research, and enjoys teaching, but learning even more.


Germany Ambassador
Originally from Tarragona, she is a professional ballet dancer with the Ballett Rossa in the Opera house of Halle Saale (Germany), also works as Marketing Manager for Ava Dance Company and runs an Instagram account about ecology, feminism and conscious living. She studied Tourism and Business Economics, and is planning to start her Masters on Sustainable Tourism.
Brazil Ambassador
Lawyer and content creator, Karollina is originally from Brazil, and since 2019 has been based in London. She is vegetarian, passionate about self-knowledge, and nature. She found herself in sports 2 years ago and since then she has discovered on social media an opportunity to help and inspire people to have a healthier and more conscious lifestyle.
Argentina Ambassador
Content creator and a certified translator student from Argentina. Laura was raised by powerful women who taught her that we can be unstoppable if we want to. She values independence, self-development, and self-confidence. In her free time, she practices meditation, enjoys reading about everything but particularly about the environment, mindfulness, and activism.
Team members
United States Ambassador
Lisa is a dedicated eco advocate and is passionate about self-discovery and living the soul’s truth. Having grown up exploring the mountains from the North Bay to Santa Cruz, and spending extensive time in Mexico, New Zealand, and Peru as a child and young adult, Lisa has developed a strong bond with the Earth and a connection to her place in it.


Climate Psychology Expert
Jessica is a climate justice activist and social scientist based in the UK working in climate change policy. With a background in psychology and environmental science, her previous research has focused on climate communication and values-based approaches to societal change. She is an advocate for intersectionality and mental health awareness, and works as a researcher to help the UK shift away from fossil fuels. In her free time, she is a pianist and educator, using social media to make environmental issues more accessible.
Plant-based Nutrition Expert
After experiencing the health benefits of whole food, plant-based eating, Rebecca is passionate about helping others access exceptional health through sustainable lifestyle change. A scientist and certified in Plant-Based Nutrition (eCornell University), Rebecca conducts evidence-based workshops, cooking demonstrations and talks. Her mission is to inspire hope, prevent and reverse chronic illness and reduce the confusion around the science of nutrition.
Climate Change Expert
Having grown up in the UK countryside she has had an interest in the natural world and environmental issues from a young age. With a Climate Change MSc and Geography BSc, she has a particular interest in nature-based solutions to tackle climate change and the importance of nature conservation for a resilient planet. She is attempting to do her best at living sustainably; an animal lover she is plant-based, stopped fast fashion consumption, and is always exploring ways to be kinder to the planet.
Relationship Coach
Relationship coach and educator for women who want to feel empowered in dating, relationships, and life in general. She is from the US and now based in Tokyo, Japan. She combines concepts from sociology and psychology to help women understand themselves and their love lives in a new way. In her free time, you’ll find her chatting about feminist issues, trying healthy plant-based recipes, and exploring Tokyo.
Wildlife Conservation Biologist
Kate always loved wildlife and has a passion for nature and conservation. She has a Conservation Biology MSc from the University of Cape Town, and has spent significant time in Africa working on various conservation projects. She tries her best to live as sustainably as possible, and continue to educate herself on environmental and social justice issues. She enjoys spending time in nature and hopes to continue to spread love for the environment with scientific backing.
Team members
Climate Communications Expert
Freelance writer for environmental justice NGOs and editor of the Green Fix newsletter of free climate activism resources. Originally from the UK and now living in Belgium. Reusable cup enthusiast, caffeine addict, and passionate about making climate action accessible and transparent. Previously a Unite 2030 Youth Delegate and founder of Wild Magazine.


Zero Waste Expert
Woman/mother/wife/mental health nurse. She’s passionate about taking care of our planet and believes waste reduction on every level is essential. She enthusiastically supports second-hand everything over new anything. She likes to grow what she can and repair what she has, she is a lover of homemade and has been blogging about all of this since 2016.
Women Coaching Expert
Effie is a certified Feminist Business & Life Coach. Her mission is to help women create aligned, prosperous, purpose-driven businesses and live healthy, fulfilling lives. She has over ten years of experience in marketing having worked with some of the world’s leading brands and organisations. She’s also a corporate trainer running workshops for organisations on resilience, mental health and performance.
Scotland Ambassador
Katie uses she/her pronouns and lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. She’s passionate about taking action against climate change and living a more ethical lifestyle. She broke up with fast fashion last year and transitioned vegan around the same time. She likes to consider herself an online activist and generally uses her platform to discuss social justice and making positive changes.
Canada Ambassador
A senior business leader who has dedicated her career to progressive social impact – through her work in various charities and agencies supporting social initiatives. She’s recently embraced a low waste lifestyle and started a business to focus on promoting a triple bottom line within the corporate sector. Her passions also include promoting physical and mental health, empowering female leaders, and using her voice to activate change.
Personal Finances Expert
Destiny Awata (AWA Dee) is a financial professional, writer, and lifestyle digital creator, passionate about helping young individuals understand money to build sustainable wealth for financial freedom. When she isn’t creating helpful content on her lifestyle platform and social media platforms, you can find her excitedly exploring the beautiful outdoors finding new adventures in new cities due to her deep love for travel and the arts.
Mexico Ambassador
Finishing her Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing she decided to start the sustainable fashion blog The Mindful Choice and after decided to open the Green Studio where she helps small businesses get digital and improve their marketing strategies online. She loves helping people and the planet which is why she hopes her slice of the internet helps educate and market brands that can make this world a better place.
South Africa Ambassador
Sasha is your friendly neighborhood vegan. She is passionate about helping people, mental health, and all things sustainability. She strives to live as low impact life as possible to make sure that the mark she leaves on this Earth is felt in people’s hearts and not left to tarnish our environment.
Indonesia Ambassador
Consultant in environment, offering initiatives in policy recommendations and technology. Aside from her consultancy role, Ayu has also been actively involved in youth empowerment. Realizing the untapped potential of youth, she married her passion in environment with her vocation in youth movements that finally causes her to start a mission in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) campaign activities.
United States Ambassador
Journalist and content creator from the United States. In 2019 and 2020 she lived in the Canary Islands, Spain teaching English and filming a short documentary on environmental sustainability. She loves traveling, learning new languages, and creating media with a social impact. When she doesn’t have a camera in her hand, you can find her doing yoga or working on her podcast The Mindful Femme.
Sustainable Traveling Expert
Location-independent freelancer from Germany, who’s been exploring the Americas in her camper van since 2019. She is a committed vegan, avid yogi, shameless cat lady, and an advocate for slow & sustainable travel. You can read all about her adventures on her blog Green Boho Travel.
Portugal Ambassador
Content creator and psychology student from Lisbon, Portugal. She loves everything about the human brain, body and soul. She’s passionate about yoga, long walks in nature, reading and meeting new people. Her goal with her platform is to create a space of self-love, peace and a slow-living lifestyle.
Team members
India Ambassador
Her name is Mahevash (pronounced Ma-hey-vash). She is a blogger, author, and poet. She loves talking about culture, society, and mental health so that we can all help make the world a better place – and be whoever we want to be.


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