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Zero Waste Expert
Woman/mother/wife/mental health nurse. She’s passionate about taking care of our planet and believes waste reduction on every level is essential. She enthusiastically supports second-hand everything over new anything. She likes to grow what she can and repair what she has, she is a lover of homemade and has been blogging about all of this since 2016.
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Stones Bakery is an artisan bakery and café based in Falmouth (Cornwall, England) owned by Rosie and Oliver Kingdon. I spoke with Rosie about owning her own business, owning a business during a pandemic and small business sustainability.


I asked the lovely people of Instagram ‘What is the hardest part of trying to live sustainably?’ I thought it might be helpful to workout what people’s stumbling blocks are and offer a few possible solutions.


January is all about new beginnings, this blog is aimed at waste reduction newbies. BUT, don’t let that put you off if you don’t class yourself as a beginner. You never know what eco habits might have fallen by the wayside, we could all use a refresher, myself included.


I like to do everything in a low waste way if I can. Prior to having children I hadn’t considered that the ultimate eco move would be to NOT have them. A quandary that continually crops up for me, is to what extent I should influence or even force my eco lifestyle onto my children.


Stuff can have an emotional strangle hold on us, making it impossible to get rid of but a burden to live with. Choosing stuff for others is anxiety provoking, receiving stuff from others is anxiety provoking. To be honest, we would all be better off with less stuff. Here’s why.


A bad nights sleep is something we have all experienced and extended periods of poor sleep can play havoc with our lives, negatively impacting on our physical and mental health. Sleep hygiene is a great starting point and ensures that we are taking responsibility for our own wellbeing.


Hopefully lots of us want to make changes, but perhaps we don’t always know where to start. We are busy; we have limited time and limited money. Don’t be discouraged and never give up, it is possible to help save the planet.


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