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Climate Change Expert
Having grown up in the UK countryside she has had an interest in the natural world and environmental issues from a young age. With a Climate Change MSc and Geography BSc, she has a particular interest in nature-based solutions to tackle climate change and the importance of nature conservation for a resilient planet. She is attempting to do her best at living sustainably; an animal lover she is plant-based, stopped fast fashion consumption, and is always exploring ways to be kinder to the planet.
Member since July 2020



We are all becoming much more aware of the consequences of climate change than we were two years ago, we are living it. However, there is reason to hope! COP26, a new ambition COP aims to accelerate ambitious targets through collaboration to decarbonise society.


Christmas this year should 100% be a chance to relax, rest up and spend time with loved ones. However, Christmas can be a time which has a significant toll on the planet in the western world. In light of this, here are some simple switches for a very much still festive, Christmas season.


Nature is complex and its response to potential future climates remains hugely uncertain. However, the benefits of maintaining and restoring these natural ecosystems in sustainable means are becoming increasingly proven and a key component of the “nature based solutions” to tackle climate change.


We all have a part to fight climate change. But the concept of climate change can be overwhelming, immense and frightening. Often then frozen into doing nothing because of the question, will my 1 action out of 7.8 billion matter. However, there are steps we can all take individually.


The current pandemic was underestimated, is hugely uncertain and you would be hard stretched to find someone who has not or will not be affected by it. Now swap the current pandemic for climate change, this could be the future.

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