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Gwyneth Jones considers herself a hippie, science nerd, amateur gardener, eco-activist, deep adaptation coach, and writer. She is a Work That Reconnects facilitator, host of The Way We Connect podcast and founder of the Reconnection Revolution. Gwyneth hopes we can transition away from the industrial growth society that is destroying our planet and towards a compassionate and sustainable world, but only if we reconnect deeply with ourselves, each other, and Nature.
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Have you felt as if none of the jobs you do really β€˜stick’? Does it bother you that there is no specific career path that really excites you, or that your ideal life is made up of things that don’t bring in any money? Perhaps you have fallen for one of the common myths around finding your purpose.


Eco-anxiety, climate grief and all of those other emotions are perfectly rational responses to the unfolding situation – but yet, we have to find a way to balance them, to function in the world, because there is still hope and we can still make a difference. So where do we start?

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