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Jessica Kleczka

Climate Psychology Expert

Jessica is a climate justice activist and social scientist based in the UK working in climate change policy. With a background in psychology and environmental science, her previous research has focused on climate communication and values-based approaches to societal change. She is an advocate for intersectionality and mental health awareness, and works as a researcher to help the UK shift away from fossil fuels. In her free time, she is a pianist and educator, using social media to make environmental issues more accessible.

Posts by: Jessica Kleczka

Findhorn is a spiritual community and eco-village which has inspired thousands of people since its beginnings almost sixty years ago. Rooted in an intimate connection with nature, it is a global centre of sustainability education which demonstrates how we can live in harmony with the land.
Visions of Alternative Futures: Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland
Jessica Kleczka
Braziers Park is a unique intentional community taking a progressive approach to education through creation. At 70 years, it is the oldest surviving secular community in the UK. Learn more about this magical place in Oxfordshire, its history and philosophy in this new series.
Visions of Alternative Futures: Braziers Park, Oxfordshire
Jessica Kleczka
In recent weeks, people across the UK have been taking to the streets to fight against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill. How does the police crackdown bill affect women and why is it important to take action now?
Why ‘Kill the Bill’ is a Feminist Issue
Jessica Kleczka
Climate change denial is still high despite an established scientific consensus. What are the underlying psychological reasons for climate denial and what can we do to tackle it? Two young environmentalists share their experiences.
In Conversation: The Roots of Climate Change Denial
Jessica Kleczka
The Covid-19 pandemic has limited our ability to protest for climate action – Climate Census is an exciting new opportunity to make your voice heard in the upcoming UK census. Read more about the census and upcoming mass digital action here.
Climate Census UK: How you can take climate action from home
Jessica Kleczka
Five years after the Paris agreement, many of us still avoid taking climate change seriously. What role do cultural identity and psychology play in climate denial and how can we inspire the changes we need to see?
Are our cultural identities in the way of climate action?
Jessica Kleczka
Spending time outdoors has been scientifically proven to benefit our wellbeing. I had the pleasure of speaking to Karolina from London Wildlife Trust. In our interview, she speaks about the importance of socialising in outdoor settings and the effects of this on mental health.
Talking Mental Health with Karolina from London Wildlife Trust
Jessica Kleczka
Wildfires, a melting arctic, rising sea levels – many will recognise the deep unease these headlines create within ourselves. While concern about the future is a normal response, an increasing number of people experience profound feelings of depression and grief relating to the environment.
How to cope with Ecological Grief
Jessica Kleczka
In recent decades, rates of depression have exponentially risen to become the second leading cause of disability worldwide, closely followed by anxiety. At the same time, we are faced with the pressing issues of social inequality, environmental destruction and climate change.
An Introduction to Intersectional Ecopsychology
Jessica Kleczka

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