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Content creator and a certified translator student from Argentina. Laura was raised by powerful women who taught her that we can be unstoppable if we want to. She values independence, self-development, and self-confidence. In her free time, she practices meditation, enjoys reading about everything but particularly about the environment, mindfulness, and activism.
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A pause from sustainability. This is an insightful and personal story about what I felt when I turned 30. Was it easy? No. Was it crazy? Yes. Am I thinking about things that I’ve never though I would’ve thought before? Yes, yes, yes.


Fortunately, many sustainable practices have become more common among people. Composting is a great method to reduce your food waste. It can seem like a challenging task but it is easier than you think. Spoiler alert: you don’t need an enormous yard to do it right.


The term “eco-friendly” refers to lessening your impact on the environment and avoiding or preventing as much harm as possible through your interactions with it.Β Becoming eco-friendly doesn’t mean that your life will turn upside down, you can start with small (yet significant) changes…

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