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Studies say that 2.5 billion people are connected to the Internet worldwide and that the Internet’s energy and carbon footprint are estimated to exceed air travel. From manufacturing and shipping of computers to data use, the Digitalization and Internet are less sustainable than you might think.


Sending an email, using search engines, and storing data pollute: the web generates today 2% of the CO2 emissions of the planet. These tech tools and Apps can help you plant trees, reduce your plastic use, buy eco-friendly clothes and products, avoid food waste, and reduce your carbon footprint.


Blockchain may very well be the greatest socio-technological advancement that humanity as we know it will experience, and you should start getting familiar with it ASAP. In this article I’ll try to explain what Bitcoin is in the simplest way possible, as well as why I believe in it.


We are living in the Age of Social Media. From blogs, to YouTube channels, Instagram, and other social networks, anyone with access to the internet can simply create an account and begin to gain visibility. As a result, competition within the digital content creation sector has greatly increased.

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